Is the APS right for me?

The APS is one of Australia's biggest employers. We have careers to suit just about anyone at all stages of life—from school leavers looking to start in the workforce through to senior executives and professionals who shape the future of Australia.

The APS supports professional and personal development, further study, and career and leadership development. We offer great working conditions including good salaries, excellent leave entitlements, and flexible work practices (including the option of negotiating work hours).

Our workplaces are characterised by high motivation, professionalism and diversity, with excellent rewards, learning and development opportunities and career prospects, and family-friendly cultures committed to work-life balance.

So many different opportunities...

Within each Australian Government agency you'll find a wide range of jobs corresponding to different roles and levels of responsibility. These include:

  • provision of services and advice to the public
  • policy advice and program design
  • administrative support positions
  • corporate services such as information technology, human resources, records management and accounts processing
  • technical and professional jobs such as lawyers, journalists, accountants, scientists, engineers, librarians, inspectors and economists.

You could also be working outdoors as a ranger protecting the environment, behind a counter delivering frontline services to customers, behind the scenes working in corporate and professional roles, or driving government policy as a senior leader.

Whatever your interests, it's likely there's an APS job that will satisfy you, from improving outcomes for your community to working with other governments to protect Australia's interests at home and overseas.

Our broad range of employment opportunities also allows people to change career direction at any time. You can start in an administrative support or customer service role and then develop your skills and qualifications for managerial, technical or professional careers. If you are working in a senior role with the private or community sectors your skills, qualifications and experience will translate into senior Australian Government roles, where you will be valued for bringing new perspectives to the way we do business.

If you're starting out, a parent returning to the workforce, want a career change, or you're working in a senior role in the community or private sector and looking for more of a work/life balance, then the Australian Government is the right employer for you.

To help identify the right career path for you we have developed an APS Job Description Guide, which tells you about the skills, experience and qualifications needed. You will find it at the last tab on this menu.

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