Indigenous Service Officer (Affirmative Measure-Indigenous Employment, Identified)

Department of Human Services

APS Level 5 - $69,699 - $75,208

Ongoing, Full-time

Melbourne - VIC

Closing date: Monday, 23 October 2017

0 days to apply

Job description


The Face to Face Services Division has the responsibility for managing the delivery of health and welfare services through 14 Zones across Australia. The Division works closely with other areas to deliver more effective and efficient services in line with National Key Performance Measures and to improve the quality of work and confidence of staff.

Indigenous Service Officers have a strong involvement in addressing issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and staff. They connect customers and communities to the department’s services, programmes and payments, raise the profile of the department in their local areas and engage with local community groups to foster partnerships.

Indigenous Service Officers collaborate with other service officers in the delivery of services and provides support, guidance and training on cultural awareness and understanding. The job is an Identified position and staff are required to have an understanding of the issues affecting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people and an ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.



A merit pool may be established and may be used to fill future vacancies within the next 12 months.

Indigenous jobseekers are encouraged to apply for this vacancy. If the job is Identified, then part or all of the duties impact on Indigenous Australian people and/or involve interaction with Indigenous Australian communities or their representatives.

The filling of this vacancy is intended to constitute an affirmative measure under section 8(1) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. This vacancy is only available to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

RecruitAbility applies to this vacancy. Under the RecruitAbility scheme you will be invited to participate in further assessment activity for the vacancy if you choose to apply under the scheme; declare you have a disability; and meet the minimum requirements for the job. For more information see:

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Chris Lewis, (03) 9516 4541

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Vacancy N.N. 10713210

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